First OTTB Success Stories

First OTTB Success Stories for

For a new off-the-track Thoroughbred owner there are lots of "Firsts". First Ride, First Show, First Canter or even their First Success Story posted to this site. If you are wondering what it is like to own and ride your own OTTB, read these stories from our buyers about their "Firsts". 

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“Dante’s” First Show – Poise Impresses Mom

Feb 17, 2009

I just got back from Florida with the horses. Lover’s Quarrel (aka “Dante”) was awesome down there. The Ocala Winter II Horse Trials was his first event ever. We put him in at Beginner Novice since we hadn’t even been able to school a cross country course. Three days before the event we took him to Longwood […]

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Five Weeks – Our First Trail Ride

Nov 23, 2009

This weekend Maverick and I will take the next step in our journey together. We will be moving him to his new home closer to me. I am excited to think that I will be able to see him every day, but I am also sad to see him leave his wonderful, temporary home at Bits & Bytes. In addition to it being a great facility, it has been a place of real learning and confidence building for me. I have learned from an expert (Elizabeth) how to do everything from selecting tack that works best for Maverick, to ground work, to riding in the ring, to our first trail ride together last weekend.

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OTTB Construction Easily Adapts to New Surroundings

Aug 14, 2008

Construction (we call him “Gus”) arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm on Monday, August 11th. The nearly 30 hour journey to Georgia did not seem to upset him at all. He walked from the road to the barn without any trouble, and he even stopped to munch on some grass. We took the first few […]

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Gold Commander One

First Ride on Gold Commander One

Aug 1, 2011

Dear Michelle and Elizabeth, UPDATE: Attached is a photo, not worthy of posting anywhere, but nonetheless evidence of my first ride. I think the trainer is being particularly cautious. I appreciate her caution, but at the same time, I know Gold and I could be making a little more progress. However, I should not discount […]

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“Marvin” Takes Care of Dad Too! Learning to Jump as Well

Dec 22, 2009

Me Tru’s dad gets his first ever saddle time on an off-the-track Thoroughbred.

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“Special” is Way Too Dull a Word for this Day. . .

Feb 21, 2009

I have a hard time calling this a success story; to tell the truth, I have a hard time writing about it at all. Some events feel too sacred to talk about, and my 3rd day with Tucks St. Aly was one such event…The ride that day was superb, we continued our communication, and I think we are beginning to learn more and more about each other; but the best surprise I have ever had was the great highlight of the day. Who can I think of that I am more indebted to than Aly’s original owner and breeder, the person whose very desire to have him was and is responsible for his existence today.

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“Kwinn’s” Collected Canter Pleases Mom

Sep 29, 2008

WOOHOO! We finally cantered today! After a year and half, I finally went for a canter with “Kwinn”. It was well worth waiting for though. He’s got a lovely naturally collected canter; nice and steady too. He never gained too much speed and came right back down when asked. I was so proud of him […]

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Nothin’ Much Rattles “Huey’s” Chain

Feb 5, 2009

Wanted to send some quick pictures we took over the weekend of “Huey” aka Admiration, since I’ve been promising them forever. This canter is the first time we’ve really cantered – I’ve let him gallop some just to get some energy out, but this time he actually sat back and collected. It was wonderful! As […]

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Always a Thrill – Another Former OTTB’s First Canter

Oct 5, 2008

We cantered for the first time today! I was inspired watching “Hollywood” and his mom, Cherie, as they cantered for the first time, they looked so happy working together. Bubs and I just had to try it. We needed the lunge line to get there but with Elizabeth’s encouragement, Bubba went forward like a champ. […]

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“Tru’ly Amazing” – “Marvin’s” Brother Arrives at His New Home

Dec 30, 2009

I had a group of friends with me tonight celebrating Tru Native’s arrival. Not ONE of them could believe he was a OTTB! This is one of the biggest Thoroughbreds I have ever seen.

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Votive – Groundwork, Schroundwork. Let’s Ride!

Aug 3, 2008

Just wanted to let you all know I have backed Votive, finally! We have done much groundwork in the month that has passed. We have a great bond with each other and I feel she completely trusts me 100%. We have now had two days of being ridden very easily. Yesterday I had someone hold […]

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Coastside’s First Ride – New Mom Full of Pride

Dec 20, 2008

I rode Coast today and was pleasantly surprised! I lunged him first then mounted him in the round pen and he was so patient! He stood for me to mount him and I actually had to work at getting him going. He is listening fairly well to both leg and vocal cues. I trusted him […]

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