Random OTTB Success Stories

Thoroughbreds can do


TK’s Turn Finds a New Mom

Nov 20, 2010

TK’s Turn has found a new home with our most frequent buyer, Dr. Laura Durham-Dixon. Congratulations on to Dr. Laura eighth purchase from Bits & Bytes Farm. Laura and her daughter Leslie enjoy doing hunter paces and dressage shows with the horses they have purchased from Bits & Bytes Farm. Dr. Laura even has her […]

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Race Track Training Pays Off at Combined Training Event

Sep 30, 2010

Hi Elizabeth – Sorry for the no photos…just got a new camera and hopefully some photos to come soon before my lovely horse gets hairy! We did do our first event 9/17-19…Windy Wyoming. We had a ball! Jack Eleanor’s Groom) was very well behaved for such a baby and he never even thought about refusing a fence. I was so proud of him as the distractions were many! Guess it was his racetrack upbringing. He’s beginning to look for the next fence in both the stadium and on cross country and I think he really enjoys his new career. I’m certainly loving him…he’s so sweet! Thank you, thank you. Photos to follow (I hope, I’m technologically challenged!).

Lydia Dequine

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Smart Eddie

Smart Eddie is Dapper Eddie

Jan 16, 2012

Eddie is 100% sound and doing great after a foot abscess. He has been very spoiled by his new parents and grandparents. He has a new wardrobe head to tail and his custom fit saddle is on it’s way:) he has a great personality and is super smart.

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I Got In Trouble . . .

Jul 18, 2011

She wanted an owner…and person to bond and match up with—she and I do—and she was crankyyyyyyyyyy when I “dumped her” yesterday. Well, can’t say I am the happiest about the attitude…..but then again–not always that keen when my wife cranks one up either, but she’s been a keeper for 31 yrs. The one thing you have to appreciate is that the horse may have been soured on her racing because she didn’t get what she needed…but she is open and responsive to retraining when she does—she doesn’t hold grudges and hasn’t soured on work—she just wants someone to work for…..kind of a touching sentiment from a racehorse.

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Cab - August 2012

Seven Years – 75 Races!

Aug 22, 2012

My vet says that this is the kind of racehorse that should be bred, since after 7years of racing, 75+ races he still has the legs of a healthy horse. My only regret is that I didn’t buy him sooner.

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Off-the-track Thoroughbred Allegiant -2012-04-03

Allegiant – April 2012

Apr 9, 2012
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Avrispecial – Enjoys Life!

Aug 29, 2008

I love to watch your website. You guys have so many great looking horses on there I am always interested in watching them fly off the site. I just wanted to fill you in on Avri, He is doing great! I am riding him about four days a week now. I am working him long […]

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Grab that “Chance” when You Find It!

Jul 11, 2008

Jim is absolutely in love. He just adores riding Chance. Chance seems to enjoy being ridden by Jim, too. They make a lovely soft picture together. I videoed them today, and while watching the video, Jim said, “How did I ever end up with such a nice horse?”

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Two Years Off-the-Track! Dr. Kenny Winn

Apr 9, 2009

In the two years since Dr. Kenny Winn aka “Kwinn” joined our family, he’s had numerous transitions – 3 barns, 3 trainers, and many new horse friends and routines to adjust to. But, the one thing that he has always been able to count on has been my presence in his life. I’ve learned just how important that is to these horses as I’ve helped him adjust to each new transition.

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