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No Bouncing on the Trail Ride

Bounced Trail Ride 20100925

Bounced was very good on his first trail ride in Oklahoma.

Bounced did well on a 9/25 trail ride in the Flint Creek area of eastern Oklahoma, hopefully the first of a few warm-ups for the Hunter Pace in November. He has been working nicely in open pasture at home, but this was his first off-campus experience since coming to Oklahoma. He went willingly, straight in and straight out, through intense ditches and steep, rocky hills, and was terrific through the cold, clear water.The challenging terrain kept him engaged, and although he generally ties very well, he was more than ready to relax at the end of the ride at the trailer. We still need some work on getting along with others (behind him, unfortunately), but that will be resolved as he works more frequently on trails and in groups. He was a trooper on this outing.


Bounced Trail Ride 20100925

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