Design Takes Stock of New Surroundings

Behrens Design plays in his new surroundings

Behrens Design plays in his new surroundings







I wanted to give you an update on how great Behren is doing. I was able to turn him out for the first time on Saturday. He is such a sensible young horse. He quickly learned about the hotwire fencing and that the white strand of fence was his barrier. He is so calm that I can brush him and wrap his legs without ever putting the halter on him.

While he was out two horses rode by the property. I was a little worried with him being a stallion; however, he trotted to the end of the fence, galloped back to the top of the property and then stopped and watched them ride by. I was so amazed by him.

After he had been out for a while I decided to tack him up and go for a walk. My father helped me get on him and then we walked around the property for about ten minutes.

I wanted to thank you again for everything that you did. I have an amazing horse thanks to you.