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For a new off-the-track Thoroughbred owner there are lots of "Firsts". First Ride, First Show, First Canter or even their First Success Story posted to this site. If you are wondering what it is like to own and ride your own OTTB, read these stories from our buyers about their "Firsts". 

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Coastside’s First Ride – New Mom Full of Pride

Dec 20, 2008

I rode Coast today and was pleasantly surprised! I lunged him first then mounted him in the round pen and he was so patient! He stood for me to mount him and I actually had to work at getting him going. He is listening fairly well to both leg and vocal cues. I trusted him…

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Brat Maverick Arrives at Bits & Bytes Farm

Oct 19, 2009

Brat Maverick aka former Prospect Horse -“Maverick” has arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm to meet his new mom Jodi Penn. We took a tour of Kentucky and Ohio to see the fall foliage and to pick up Brat Maverick. It was a whirlwind weekend of fun. Brat Maverick met his new mom today! Be…

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Show and Tell with the Bank President

Nov 7, 2009

Banker and I have had our first ride which was fun and interesting. It feels like a long way up when you sit on him, thankfully I stayed up there = ). He took the first few minutes to show me what a “feel good” horse he is and I showed him that its not my first time. After the “show and tell” time we settled into a nice trotting circle. That is pretty much all we’ve been able to do as he is still recovering and I don’t want to push it with him.

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The Dr. Is In!

Mar 13, 2012

Dr. Sidney has arrived safe and sound and is gorgeous!! So much nicer in person then in the pictures, that neck is to die for!

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