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For a new off-the-track Thoroughbred owner there are lots of "Firsts". First Ride, First Show, First Canter or even their First Success Story posted to this site. If you are wondering what it is like to own and ride your own OTTB, read these stories from our buyers about their "Firsts". 

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Is That You Joe Bear?

Mar 5, 2009

Tucks St. Aly has made it home to Texas and his new mom Alex Kemper! Dearest Elizabeth and Barry, Well I’ve gotten a few pics here, I know there aren’t any of him in the stall or anything yet, but those will come soon. I was mostly just trying to get these ones uploaded so…

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Well Worth the Wait – First Ride!

Feb 2, 2008

The first real ride went very well.  He walked and trotted without a care in the world.  I will be taking Behren to meet my trainer for the first time on the 21st.

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Reign Day Goes Home!

Mar 20, 2010

Reign Day was listed on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site as a Thoroughbred Horse For SaleProspect Horse at the Track. He was purchased by John Reynolds, DVM and his wife Valeri to be a new Pony Club mount for their daughter Julia. Julia was busy with school commitments in February so we were asked to bring Reign Day to Bits & Bytes Farm for some training.

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First Ride on an Off-the-Track Thoroughbred

Mar 28, 2010

Tips and tricks to riding your new off-the-track Thoroughbred.

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