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For a new off-the-track Thoroughbred owner there are lots of "Firsts". First Ride, First Show, First Canter or even their First Success Story posted to this site. If you are wondering what it is like to own and ride your own OTTB, read these stories from our buyers about their "Firsts". 

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My Isabell

First Ride – Bareback!

Jan 12, 2013

My Isabell’s owner’s first ride on her off-the-track Thoroughbred race horse was bareback! Now she is sadly offered for sale. Read the story . . .

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Voted Off: Off-the-Track in 2006 Update 2011

Nov 29, 2011

It’s been years since I sent you an update, but I thought you might like to know how Voted Off is doing. His primary job has been as my husband’s trail horse for the last 5 years. About six months ago, my 6 year old daughter started riding him too. You might remember a picture of her you posted on your web site on her rocking horse when she was 2. Well, she has swapped out the rocking horse for Voted Off.

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Crowd Catcher is a Crowd Pleaser

Jan 31, 2012

Crowd Catcher is a crowd pleaser – Everyone loves “CC” at the farm and are spoiling her with apples, carrots, and lots of rubs and pets 🙂

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Always a Thrill – Another Former OTTB’s First Canter

Oct 5, 2008

We cantered for the first time today! I was inspired watching “Hollywood” and his mom, Cherie, as they cantered for the first time, they looked so happy working together. Bubs and I just had to try it. We needed the lunge line to get there but with Elizabeth’s encouragement, Bubba went forward like a champ.…

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“Kwinn’s” Collected Canter Pleases Mom

Sep 29, 2008

WOOHOO! We finally cantered today! After a year and half, I finally went for a canter with “Kwinn”. It was well worth waiting for though. He’s got a lovely naturally collected canter; nice and steady too. He never gained too much speed and came right back down when asked. I was so proud of him…

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Lovely Weather – Lovely Thoroughbreds!

Oct 11, 2009

This weather is so wonderful! The boyz (Chilletecaux and Dakota Spirit) have been doing so well. Nancy (the older Ms. Lane) came out to watch both horses go which is great for me given she is such a good ground person. She reminded me not to let Chille get me leading with my body, to keep open to help him stay slower. So easy without someone on the ground and she has such a good eye.

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Shelby’s Hill Competes in USEA Horse Trials

May 10, 2011

“Ping” came 3rd in Beginner Novice at UNH’s USEA horse trials.

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My First Ride on Monarch’s Reign

Jan 11, 2010

The last time I was on a horse was more than two years ago, so I’m not exactly an expert rider these days! Plus – and I almost hate to add this, because in retrospect it seems so silly – Monarch’s racing history gave me some reason to doubt my first ride would be a smooth one. After all, he had raced twice in his short career, and he’d lost his jockey BOTH TIMES!

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My First Ride on Brat Maverick!

Oct 26, 2009

Even though all I did was walk on a lunge line I felt an amazing thrill. The most surprising thing was how calm and collected he was. Even though I had read about it on the website, there was a part of me that still finds it hard to believe. It was only after my ride was over that I thought about the fact that I had just ridden a former race horse. Oh my gosh, what a an amazing experience.

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Team “Loui” Anticipates a Long Partnership

Feb 21, 2009

Saxon Warrior (Waterloo aka Loui) is doing extremely well. I am very happy with him because of his sweet character and eagerness to learn.

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Runaway Groom – I think not.

Oct 19, 2008

I’m forwarding some pics my daughter took of me and my new groom. I’m having a wonderful time with him. We had our first canter today! He is very quiet (hasn’t done anything stupid at all!), smart and willing. In fact, I’m reading the book “Beyond the Track” and he doesn’t fit in at all!…

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Gold Commander One

First Ride on Gold Commander One

Aug 1, 2011

Dear Michelle and Elizabeth, UPDATE: Attached is a photo, not worthy of posting anywhere, but nonetheless evidence of my first ride. I think the trainer is being particularly cautious. I appreciate her caution, but at the same time, I know Gold and I could be making a little more progress. However, I should not discount…

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