Better Be There aka “Buddy”

Amy’s Best Buddy Checks In

We still do plenty of ground work, lunging, etc. He has got the best personality of any of my other horses. He is just like a big kid. Loves people, and boy is he nosy! He wants to know, and be in the middle of everything you are doing, and he’s not afraid of anything, which is nice when you are on the trail with him and something runs in front of him, or blows by him.

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Better Be There’s Menu

Buddy is eating fine now he does eat the grass hay and I only give him two small flakes of alfalfa a day – none of my horses get it free choice. My old mare colics too easy for that. He does however get grain twice daily and is doing fine on it so far,…

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Sweet Things in Texas for Better Be There

I am very happy – he is so sweet. He loves to have his face rubbed. He does need some weight on him. I am giving him Omelene 200 and alfalfa so far, now I have only had him since Friday afternoon so any suggestions would be great. He does not seem to like grass…

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