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Brett’s 2010 End of Year Wrap Up

Hi Barry & Elizabeth! So, here’s the Brett and Judi end of year round up:  first place at our first ‘A’ show, fourth out of 27 in our first hunter classic-with a score of 80 in the first round, 76 in the second. Our divisions the largest in our local show association-usually 20-26 in our…

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Brett – A Champion at Eight

Just wanted to send you an update. Brett turned eight last Saturday (May 22), and he gave me a birthday present! We were champion in both of our divisions, classes of 14 & 16! He was fantastic! I’ve attached a photo of him with our ribbons.

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Brett is a Handy Hunter

Hi Elizabeth, What a fantastic show, and what an idea.  Ann Rusuck is an owner/breeder/trainer of TB racehorses who a few years ago got involved in rescue–much of her work done with Anna Ford of New Vocations.  She has put together a show that is a showcase for these horses, as well as the most…

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Brett Gets a Close Shave

Brett’s only ‘hole’ has been head shyness–especially his ears. Joan and I have spent three years on this issue, slowly but consistently exposing him to more and more head/ear contact. I’ve ‘clicker trained’ him, and that’s how he learned to tolerate having his muzzle clipped–took me a good 3 months, but we got it done. The ears have been a much more challenging issue, as it took a full year until I could hold one, and it’s taken another year + to get to the point that I can grab an ear (gently) and he drops his head and turns it to me.

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