Mary Misbehavin Has Turned into a Flower

Ain't Misbehavin - - Despooking ex-race horse Mary Misbehavin

Just a couple of pics of PK Mary Violet (Mary Misbehavin) enjoying life on the farm. I’ve been doing ground work almost every day, and she is doing so well. The second picture is her with the bag of rocks on her back after I threw it all around her, up against her legs, under her and dragged it all over from behind and in front etc. She doesn’t even bother to look at it.

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TK’s Turn Turns Up For Dinner

TK (TK’s Turn) is such a character – he figured out that my appearance often means dinner or at least treats, so he comes right up to check. He sticks his head through the tack room window while I’m getting dinner ready. He gets along great with Cor (Cortableau) and Tilla (my Appy mare who…

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Cortableau – One Month Update

Cortableau handled being in an unfamiliar place at the hunter pace – new horses and different terrain with no problem. We actually had our first canter ever a few minutes into the ride, and we did a couple of canters up hills. So I got braver and, when we got to the really big field, we cantered again.

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First Ride for Cortableau

I rode Cor (obviously short for Cortableau and also means “heart” in Latin) yesterday. He was so good. We just walked and trotted in the round pen.

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