Flame Boyant

Flame Warms the Hearts of His New Moms

Flame is doing great in his new home! He’s adorable and playful like a really big puppy. Mom and I lunged him when he first got here and seemed to be great! So I saddled up and rode with the lunge line for the first couple days. After I was completely comfortable with him, I…

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Flame Boyant – SOLD! March 2009

Flame Boyant aka “Skinny” has found a new home with not one but TWO moms! This horse has been well loved by anyone who has ever known him. He was one of our 25 Special Horses and the photos of him as poor ole’ “Skinny” spurred many people to help rescue these deserving horses. Flame will have a loving home in Memphis, TN with Heather and Brianna Lucca.

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