Grayboo Moves Up to Prelim

I have an exciting update on Grayboo and Amanda. They had a dressage score of 39 – not bad for their first attempt at this level and then proceeded to jump a clean stadium round. The course was not ideal for Grayboo – it was very spread out and gave Grayboo a chance to build speed from jump to jump, but Amanda managed to get him around OK (that and he absolutely can’t stand to touch a jump). Grayboo was an absolute super star on cross country – he jumped clean and Amanda finished 7 seconds over the optimum time, so added 2.8 penalties to their dressage score. I was surprised that Amanda was able to finish close to time her first time out. They finished 10th in a large Open Prelim division of 24.

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Team Grayboo Takes a Winter Break from Competing

Amanda and Grayboo have had an up and down fall competition season. They finished well at training at River Glen in August. Cross-country was easy for Grayboo but he knocked one rail in stadium. He seems to get a little lazy sometimes and knocks a rail, but he hates to knock rails so he jumps…

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Grayboo and Amanda Cross Country with the Big Guys

I’m just SO excited about Grayboo that I have to share it. Amanda and Grayboo competed this weekend at River Glen. They were in the Training Rider Division – there was no junior division so they competed against juniors and adults (a class size of 22). They had a very good dressage test and scored…

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