Great Game

Nothing Special . . . Yeah Right!

Great Game and Chuck Dixon

I worry and don’t want to let her down by not doing stuff right and maybe mess her up and not justify the trust you and Dr Duffy put in me with her–but……… the end of the day—the single only thing that really really matters….is how much she and I are into each other…how much we give and do for each other . . .

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Two’s Company

Now there have been times when Carrie and I have had discussions and there comes a look in her eye—one more word and I know my life is forfeit—Game had that look . . .

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Race Horse to Sport Horse Takes Time and Patience

She has been affectionate right from the beginning–which made it so discouraging when she was such a touchy bold forward racehorse for so long with just the presentation of a saddle and bridle—but the last couple of weeks—she is being that big goofy teddy bear puppy dog everywhere now instead of just the times when tack was not involved. She still can get uncertain…and when she does she tries to boldly bluff her way thru like she knows everything there is to know about what she is doing—but is pretty rare of late.

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Great Game Making Gains

Just got back from my 3rd—count em 3rd ride—and we are still uglyyyyyyyyyy,,,,but we ain’t as ugly as we were yesterday…lol. You know—I got out there and it all just comes back automatically—I don’t have to map out a plan—I remember how to train little—or big greenies—lol–we started working on flexing her poll a bit–giving…

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Still Pretending to Work . . .

Had the greatest day today….after yesterday when Game..(aka the Pearl) had what I called an—-“interesting” workout where she was all jacked up and had a hard time listening etc….. Well today went out—she was her sweet interested self—came in and just stood in the isle for tacking like some 18 yr old school horse—kept nuzzling…

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