Judging Dreams

Judging Dreams Judged Sound by Vet

The vet check went (for Judging Dreams) great BUT they had x-rays done.  So the vet here developed them and overnighted them to the buyer’s vet in Connecticut.  Don’t know the outcome, BUT I wanted to buy Irish Morning Mist no matter what the outcome.  SO he will be shipping here on Saturday!  Can’t wait…

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Judging Dreams and Irish Morning Mist Cross Paths

                        I spoke to Irish Morning Mist’s owner told her that I’d like to buy Irish as long as Judge (Judging Dreams) passes his pre-purchase exam tomorrow for his new owners (I don’t anticipate a problem).  I will keep you updated. I’m really excited about…

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Judging Dreams Judged BEST By Jury of Kids

Well Judge has been back with me for several months now and is doing wonderfully! I have started him over fences and he is great! He’s still figuring it all out, but he is honest and straightforward and never refuses. We will be doing several clinics this fall and then my goal is to take…

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