Light Artillery aka “Maverick”

Galloping on the Beach or Riding Like the Wind

LIght Artillery galloping on the beach

Maverick (Light Artillery) and I have been unstoppable over the last year and a half! We have sorted cows, stormed over the hill country terrains, rode the flat ranch lands, and one of our most favorite adventures now is beach riding! We do a lot of high demand up beach riding, but I’d have to say our most meaningful times are spent either bareback under a blanket of stars reins loose over his neck walking a dirt road solo or spent just out in the pasture.

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Let It Snow in West Texas!

Maverick (Light Artillery) is doing great! Today it actually snowed in west texas and I took some picts of the flurries on his mane! He’s still a talker, whinnies for me any time the back sliding door opens or when I get home!

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Trail Riding Off-the-Track Thoroughbred

We just got back in from the camping trip. We had a wonderful time! Maverick was absolutely the best! He got ridden six times! He munched on lots of new clover and loved all the attention, as always, since he was the BIG horse and would stick his head way out and stretch his neck way out from the stall. He’d nicker when he heard us stirring around the camp site.

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Maverick on the Move!

His ground manners and patience are all improving. He’s been taught to be hobbled. I only did this because he was getting to be such a handful camping and on big trail rides, I feared for his saftey and didn’t trust him not to jump to get with the herds. He struggled some, but quickly learned to calm himself. The Sunday afternoon following the Saturday that he was first hobbled it actually paid off in an unexpected way.

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