Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan – Growing in Size and Confidence

Just wanted to give you an update on Mattie. She is doing great and she’s grown two inches already. When she first came to us she was 15.1 and now she’s 15.3! I love her so much, although she’s only three and a half now, her favorite thing to do is go on trail rides.…

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Midtown Manhattan’s First Ride with New Mom, Katie

I rode Mattie for the first time today. She was great. We worked in the ring for a little while and then my trainer and I took her for a walk down our street (that’s like a trail ride for us considering were just outside of Fort Lauderdale). She was awesome!!! I expected that she…

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Midtown Manhattan – Trooper at Home and Happy

Mattie got to our farm (Fox Stone Farm) around 9:30 this morning and the weather was awful. Her first day with us was a spa day. She got a bath and a pedicure. Mattie was such a trooper, it poured all day and there was terrible lightning. She is such a sweet heart and loves…

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