Phil’s Courage

Tough Competition Rallies Phil’s Courage

I have a couple of updates regarding Phil’s Courage. The first update is that I had a buyer for Phil who was ready to write quite a large check and I couldn’t go through with the sale. I broke down in tears and just couldn’t part with him. My husband thinks I have gone insane,…

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Phil’s Courage Up for Bigger, Broader and Taller Challenges!

I just had to send a quick line to brag about Phil. Phil is clocking around a 3′ course with changes now and is completely bored. At a 3’3″ oxer (with a 3′ spread) he finally took interest and thought about the jump. Previously, anything under 3’3″ was not a challenge for him. I’m sure…

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OTTB Phil’s Courage Jumps for Joy with New Career

                          Phil has begun his career as a jumper. He has the natural talent with a big, scoopey jump and a great brain. He absolutely loves his job. Phil was bored with the hunters, so I tried him out in the jumpers and…

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