Thoroughbreds can do

Two Years Off-the-Track! Dr. Kenny Winn

Apr 9, 2009

In the two years since Dr. Kenny Winn aka “Kwinn” joined our family, he’s had numerous transitions – 3 barns, 3 trainers, and many new horse friends and routines to adjust to. But, the one thing that he has always been able to count on has been my presence in his life. I’ve learned just how important that is to these horses as I’ve helped him adjust to each new transition.

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Rap It Up - from race horse to foxhunter

Rap It Up – Second Year Update

Nov 21, 2011

Ex-race horse Rap It Up is enjoying his second career as a foxhunter in Alablama with his owner David Goodman.

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Cherish the Groom – from Racing Horses to Racing Barrels

Oct 16, 2008

Please remove my horse FOR SALE, Cherish the Groom, from your website. She is currently in training for barrel racing. We will see how she does. She turns fast, runs fast and is very bright so who knows. Thanks for putting her on your website. I did get two people who responded to her pictures…

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Finally a Great Game Success Story

May 7, 2012

When Patrick and I composed a success story about Muchu, we felt there real success was us just having her here with us and sharing all of the grace and affection that is Muchu. Great Game’s success story has been a tad more complicated…a tad longer to realize…but not one ounce less powerful for me.…

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Admiring Glances for Kwinn’s Kind Eye (and Natural Talent)

Dec 16, 2008

“Kwinn” (Dr. Canhewin) is doing so well. He looks wonderful; putting weight on and and his coat looks healthier too. The Famotidine and now the probiotic with antacid seem to be working well for him. I don’t get enough time to ride right now, so he really needs to build back up. He gets tired…

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Balancing the Body – Vicky, Vicky, Vicky Attends Clinic

Apr 24, 2009

Vicky Vicky Vicky and pal Alchemy recently attended a dressage clinic with Stephany Fish

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September 8 – Lots of New Updates

Sep 8, 2009

We like to keep in touch with all our buyers and see how the horses are doing. Unlike most sellers, we want to hear from our buyers whether the news is good or not so good. We are here to help you transition your new Thoroughbred off-the-track. We are thrilled by your successes. They are the stories that keep us motivated. Thank you all for staying in touch.

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New Spotlight Stories Pages Added

May 10, 2009

We often have stories that develop over time. People from a horse’s past will contact us and fill us in on “the rest of the story“.

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Absolute Charm - OTTB

Third Time’s A. Charm

Aug 18, 2012

We have had a lot of people wondering just who got our special girl – Absolute Charm.

Let me give a little background to her story first.

Absolute Charm’s new family has had a rough few years. The mother was diagnosed with a terminal neurological disease with no cure. Her husband is a critical care nurse and he searched for every possible solution or possible cause for her condition. The mother grew weaker and weaker until she needed two canes just to walk and she spent most of her time in bed.

In trying to relieve some of the family’s stress, the then 13 year old son took up riding dressage at a local stable. . .

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