Thoroughbreds can do

Grid Works Pays Off When the Fences Get BIG!

Nov 7, 2008

Joe Bear and I haven’t been out and about very much in the recent months but I hope to do something soon. We have been working at home with lots of hill work and flat work and I make it a habit to do grid work at least once a week. I recently realized that…

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Three Years Later – Three Blues, A Red and a Reserve Championship!

Jan 18, 2009

Laurie asked me to send some photos to you from a show she and Austins Wolfe attended yesterday with the Plantation Acres Saddle Club. After working through some “Thoroughbred moments” during warm up the team did a great job and won three blue ribbons, one red ribbon and the Reserved Championship in Green Hunter. Joshua (the…

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Great Game - First Ride!

Game ON!

Nov 16, 2011

Also….we got Patrick fully mounted on Game today and led her around….she was a bit nervous walking with him first draped across the saddle…so after a couple of times and her settling ….I had him slip his leg over and just stay laying forward draped over her withers so he could slide sideways off if she got goofy…but she didn’t ….she was my girl….

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Lynn's Vision's (Bubba's) last race

Bubba’s Last Race

Jul 4, 2008

[metaslider id=8674] Bubba was a good race horse and an even better sport horse.

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Run Around Gal Delivers a Healthy Bay Filly in April

Nov 25, 2008

Run Around Gal is fabulous and gave birth on her own birthday April 20th to a healthy bay filly.

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The Bank President is On Vacation at the Spa

Sep 16, 2009

“Banker” (Bank President)is doing very well and seems really happy to be here. He enjoys languishing in his stall then going out and rolling in the dirt.

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Vilas County Schools His First X-Country Jumps!

Mar 9, 2009

Vilas County understood directly what the game was about and as more we jumped as more he wanted to do. At the end he was really paying attention to see where the next jump is. I had great control over him and he never wanted to rush before or after the jumps. We jumped most jumps out of trot as this gives him more confidence right now.

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Putting the Pieces Together

Apr 22, 2009

Irish and I have decided to spend one more month training before we show. I’d rather him be 100% confident and so I’m taking it slow with him. He has learned so much and I am just now working on putting all the pieces together.

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Brett’s First A Show Gives Him the Blues

Jul 25, 2010

Brett and I went to our first A show this weekend. Blistering heat–105 degrees. He was wonderful, and we got a nice ribbon in the equitation class.


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