Thoroughbreds can do

Barnwoodbo aka Bo has a “Purr-fect” First Ride

Sep 21, 2008

Thought I would let you know how we made out with Bo. I ran up on Friday morning to get him from the training center without my daughter because the window of opportunity was small. Now I have bought horses from pictures before but this is the first time the horse has looked better than…

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Taking It Slow Pays Off . . .

Feb 16, 2009

That was around 3 weeks ago. We made quite some miles in the last few weeks. From my last email till now he improved a lot and I decided to give it a try and entered in the Poplar Place schooling show last weekend. And I can tell you he was great…I had entered us in a 2′ jumper class and the Intro A Dressage Test.

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Run Around Gal Delivers a Healthy Bay Filly in April

Nov 25, 2008

Run Around Gal is fabulous and gave birth on her own birthday April 20th to a healthy bay filly.

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Coastside Loves Being Outside!

Mar 14, 2009

I moved Coast to a new farm. He needed three-board fencing in the pasture and I decided to move him to a new farm. His stall is 20×24 (big) with lots of fresh shavings! He gets daily turn out with another OTTB. He started training this month. My trainer says he will be able to…

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A Success Story

Jul 11, 2011

My wife has a degenerative brain disease that is ultimately terminal, and my son is home schooled and takes on tons of responsibility–way beyond his 13 years. I and my wife both had ridden for the better part of 30 years and had excellent training…but had abandoned our own personal riding when we had a child. After all—finances and time frequently just don’t stretch to cover children and pets like horses. We found ourselves however looking for a way to give my son an outlet away from the house and the pressure of our situation at home he lived, ate, and breathed….so I did what we always used to do—took him to a riding stable and got him lessons. . .

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Nov 23, 2008

WOOHOO!!! That about describes our day today. I attribute this to Kwinn’s feeling better. While he’s filled out and is generally looking better, you can see in his eyes that he’s feeling better. We had a good time riding today. Kwinn behaved well even when the mares in the field started galloping across the field.…

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OTTB “Woody” Receives Accolades at New Home

Sep 23, 2008

An update from trainer, Caileigh: “Woody” has been wonderful and his owners are absolutely in love with him. They have renamed him, “Gus” and his show name will be “Blind Date”, which we all thought was very appropriate! We have been having a blast with him. We gave him a bath today and he drank…

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“Tru’ly Amazing” – “Marvin’s” Brother Arrives at His New Home

Dec 30, 2009

I had a group of friends with me tonight celebrating Tru Native’s arrival. Not ONE of them could believe he was a OTTB! This is one of the biggest Thoroughbreds I have ever seen.

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Cortableau won a ribbon at the hunter pace.

Cortableau – One Month Update

Oct 5, 2009

Cortableau handled being in an unfamiliar place at the hunter pace – new horses and different terrain with no problem. We actually had our first canter ever a few minutes into the ride, and we did a couple of canters up hills. So I got braver and, when we got to the really big field, we cantered again.

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