Thoroughbreds can do

Knight Villain - Sixth Anniversary photo

Gentle Brave Knight Villain

Mar 4, 2013

Sixth Year Anniversary update for Knight Villain. He’s sound, whole, happy, fat, and loving his life as a full time trail buddy. He’s kind and gentle with everyone, loves to give “pony rides” to visiting kiddies, yet still turns it on for me out on the galloping track in true race horse fashion. I think he’ll never forget he’s a champion.

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Lover’s Quarrel Will Escape the Cold in Florida

Jan 16, 2009

Hope the new year finds you happy, healthy and well (and warmer than we are here in TN!) Today the high is 20 degrees – too cold for even my backside to get out there and ride. We leave for FL with the horses on Feb 1 for 2 weeks in Ocala – CAN’T WAIT!!!…

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German Import Gets American Thoroughbred

Dec 14, 2011

As soon as it was certain, that we were going to move from Munich in Germany to Huntsville, Alabama, I started searching for the “perfect” horse on the other side of the world…. and soon got hooked on 4 year old Rule My Heart. It took some time, but then Heart finally moved from Kentucky to Alabama, almost a week before we would actually be moving. So here I was with a horse, I had never seen in real life and which I would not even be able to welcome home, since his new home was still not my new home.

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Shelby’s Hill aka “Ping” is For Sale

Jul 5, 2010

Shelby’s Hill is a 2003, 16 hand Thoroughbred gelding. He is very pretty – a good guy. He could do dressage or eventing and trail riding.

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Baileysontherocks – Rockin Update

Mar 3, 2009

It’s been a full year since we met at the hunter pace in Kingston! Where did the year go?!? It was great meeting you and the Bits & Bytes family and I hope we’ll see you again in 2009.
It’s been a fun past year with Bailey. Last February he went to our first “away” show . . .

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Irish is the Light & Happiness of Megan’s life

Sep 11, 2009

I was catching up on your website and on all the news and saw that you needed a refreshing reminder of the beauty and love these thoroughbreds bring to our lives. I wish we could save them all too, I would have many if I could. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for finding Irish and giving him the chance you did. I don’t know where I would be without him.

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Atlantic Ridge and new mom Salisa

Riding Ridge

Feb 28, 2012

It has been two months since I moved Ridge to another barn, and I wanted to let you know that Ridge and I are doing great! My new barn is also located next to a lot of trails, so I am able to do trail rides with my daughter. Ridge seems to enjoy them!

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“Qu” was a Good Boy This Christmas!

Dec 28, 2008

Hope everyone made it through the Holidays alright. The horses must have all been very good because Santa left 20 lbs of carrots for them! “Qu” did not know what a carrot was and wouldn’t take a piece until I finally corrupted him 2 days ago. Since he’s a youngster I of course won’t overdo…

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Race Track Training Pays Off at Combined Training Event

Sep 30, 2010

Hi Elizabeth – Sorry for the no photos…just got a new camera and hopefully some photos to come soon before my lovely horse gets hairy! We did do our first event 9/17-19…Windy Wyoming. We had a ball! Jack Eleanor’s Groom) was very well behaved for such a baby and he never even thought about refusing a fence. I was so proud of him as the distractions were many! Guess it was his racetrack upbringing. He’s beginning to look for the next fence in both the stadium and on cross country and I think he really enjoys his new career. I’m certainly loving him…he’s so sweet! Thank you, thank you. Photos to follow (I hope, I’m technologically challenged!).

Lydia Dequine

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