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Thoroughbreds can do

Flame Boyant – SOLD! March 2009

Mar 1, 2009

Flame Boyant aka “Skinny” has found a new home with not one but TWO moms! This horse has been well loved by anyone who has ever known him. He was one of our 25 Special Horses and the photos of him as poor ole’ “Skinny” spurred many people to help rescue these deserving horses. Flame will have a loving home in Memphis, TN with Heather and Brianna Lucca.

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Cadence Steps Up to First Show Challenges

May 22, 2008

I am so proud of Cadence! He was a trooper…after a very rocky start. It took four people two hours to load him on the trailer, which is completely out of character for him because he usually walks right on. This was the first time he’s ever seriously challenged authority, but in the end he did get on. He just was in a very sour mood – charging, throwing his weight into people, even after lunging…finally had to have one of my trainer friends put him in his place and then he loaded. On the return home, he loaded on the second try, no problems.

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Heather's Best was a steeplechaser

Once a Steeplechaser, Always a Steeplechaser

Jan 23, 2009

Heather’s Best is great. I gave him about a month off this winter and we have been getting back to work this week. I had planned to lunge him for a few days just to get him back in the mode, but he was so quiet and good, that I just rode him lightly instead.…

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OTTB Outflankem aka “Ronnie” Changes Careers

Nov 15, 2008

The shipper arrived three hours early, and good thing because we had a heck of storm up here during the time he was supposed to get here! “Outflankem” got off the trailer like a pro, and stood like a perfect gentleman. He was in a brand new place, with the wind whipping, and he could’ve…

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Titania Doing Well With New Mom

Feb 26, 2010

An update on Titania: I know when we last spoke, she was just starting out with Julie, her new owner, but was having some soundness issues. Since then, they have put her into some pads and new shoes, and she has been in training since. Even though Ana has not been ridden much due to our crazy winter here in Northern VA, I have been told that she has come a long way! Last time I visited the farm (back in December) she was fat and happy living with my other old horse that is at this farm.

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Allegiant – SOLD! June 2009

Jun 15, 2009

OTTB Allegiant retires from Thoroughbred racing to begin her second career in dressage and eventing.

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Eleanor’s Groom Well Balanced & Athletic

Jul 1, 2010

Hi Elizabeth – Yes, I just had to say “thanks” to Becky for helping me get the Eleanor’s Groom (plus I’d been in the file for the brand inspector and ran across her #!!).  “Jack” is doing great…he is a teenager so I have to stay on top of things (no pun intended) but he…

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OTTB “Manages” Just Fine at His New Home

Apr 26, 2009

OTTB Manager Boire relaxed at his new home and laearning his new name “Ramone”
OTTB Manager Boire relaxed at his new home and learning his new name “Ramone”

My kids have renamed Manager Boire “Ramone”. He has settled in fine and has gone out on few rides with no trouble.

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“Sage” is (at) Home on the Range

Jun 16, 2009

Home…Home on the range (in Texas)…..Sage is now finally here with me and he has a new best friend Tiger. Both of them are 4 year-old OTTBs and they are both beautiful fiery red chestnuts. You would think they are long lost brothers, because they are inseparable. They don’t leave each others side….even though they are turned out with three other horses. If you take one of them away from the other they whinny at each other it’s hilarious.

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