Thoroughbreds can do

Snowed In In Maryland

Feb 7, 2010

I’m sure you’ve heard the Mid-Atlantic got walloped with a storm Friday into Saturday. My area got 24″! We’re all hanging in, and the horses don’t seem to be nearly as miserable as I would think they would be. Here’s a beautiful shot of Bailey, aka Outflankem, from about an hour ago.

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“Shaman” aka Little Silic Digs New Wheels

Jun 23, 2008

I some pictures, I’m sorry they are not glamorous, but we were trailer training. “Shaman” (Little Silic) needs little of trailer training, he was great. He is doing much better too, he has gained some much needed weight, I am so happy he is looking better. He is eating orchard grass hay for $40 per…

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The Big Aly Man settled in His Big Texan Home

May 7, 2009

Even though Aly has days, off and on, when horses neighing crazily in the neighbourhood get him excited, or he just decides he needs to be in his “detective mood” and acts like every twig of grass in the surrounding seeable miles is a possible endangerment to him … he is in general, finally positive…

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Leaderboard – SOLD! September 2008

Sep 15, 2008

SOLD! Congratulations Melissa Hopkins of Thomson, GA! This was his Prospect Horse FOR SALE information: “Leader” a 2003, 16.2 hand, chestnut, Thoroughbred gelding. He is a super sweet and kind horse. If you missed out on “Construction” this is the horse for you. He is very laid back and easy to handle. Our contact has…

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Sins of the Father . . .

Nov 29, 2011

And now the sin….I am so envious watching the two of them ride…I honestly rode for years before I even approached looking like what they look like now—and BOTH of them are just green as green.

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Riders Up! Oh, You Mean Me?

Jul 8, 2008

                      I am so pleased with Bubba and our first ride together. He is such a willing and sensible horse. Our first ride together couldn’t have been any better. Elizabeth lent us tack, which needed a bit of adjusting for Bubba who is lean from…

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First Lesson on Antioch

Apr 1, 2010

Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds are easy to train but it sometimes helps to have someone coaching and encouraging you. Too often all you get is criticism because of peoples’ lack of knowledge about ex-race horses.

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“Marvin” Takes Care of Dad Too! Learning to Jump as Well

Dec 22, 2009

Me Tru’s dad gets his first ever saddle time on an off-the-track Thoroughbred.

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Allegiant Loves Her Young Mom

Jul 30, 2009

Off-the-track Thoroughbred, Allegiant loves the attention of her young owner.

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