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Antioch – Three Week Update

Molly’s riding skills have expanded while riding her OTTB! She and Antioch are building a wonderful relationship and learning to speak the same language. Her trainer is really helping us and I think is becoming quite fond of him too! He is the sweetest horse we have ever owned!

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Brett Gets a Close Shave

Brett’s only ‘hole’ has been head shyness–especially his ears. Joan and I have spent three years on this issue, slowly but consistently exposing him to more and more head/ear contact. I’ve ‘clicker trained’ him, and that’s how he learned to tolerate having his muzzle clipped–took me a good 3 months, but we got it done. The ears have been a much more challenging issue, as it took a full year until I could hold one, and it’s taken another year + to get to the point that I can grab an ear (gently) and he drops his head and turns it to me.

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“It’s a Rap”

It has been a great weekend for Rap and for me. This has been one of those times when as a rider, you reflect on everything that was accomplished by your horse and are very proud of the progress that he has made. It is that great “satisfied” feeling that keeps all of us doing what we do, Ride! Ride! Ride! Rap is great and I think will do nothing but get better!

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