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Voted Off: Off-the-Track in 2006 Update 2011

It’s been years since I sent you an update, but I thought you might like to know how Voted Off is doing. His primary job has been as my husband’s trail horse for the last 5 years. About six months ago, my 6 year old daughter started riding him too. You might remember a picture of her you posted on your web site on her rocking horse when she was 2. Well, she has swapped out the rocking horse for Voted Off.

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Take a “Taxi” to School

Tax Hike - Thoroughbred sold by Bits & Bytes Farm

Tax Hike was awesome at the show. It was her first time in this environment and she was very well behaved. Cait’s been taking lessons at our place or across the street once a week but opted to go to the show without any coaching. She has so much confidence in this horse. Anyway, they were an awesome pair, did fabulous and had a ball. They got a first and a third.

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TK’s Turn Wins Blue at First Dressage Show!

Hey E and B, TK (TK’s Turn) and I got first place in our dressage test class! Granted, there were only two of us in it, but still! We did Intro A and got a 63. It was only our third ride together since TK came off-the-track. Leslie and Coin Maker won their class also,…

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Shelby’s Hill – First Show

Our first show in August! Training 1 – 64% We are now doing First Level 1 in Oct I think!!! I did have someone contact me through your website. I’m not sure these girls have enough experience though or have the resources to keep Ping healthy. PLUS not really sure I want him to go.…

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Da’Boyz First Horse Show

I took Dakota Spirit and Chilletecaux to a schooling show at Ashland Farm. They were so good. First time in the horse show atmosphere had them big eyed and on their toes. Even laid back Dakota got an extra burst of energy! We did two show jump classes each as I didn’t want to over do it the first time away from home jumping.

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