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Becoming the Herd Leader

Taxi learns who is in charge. When horses first arrive, you tend to want to love on them and let them get away with things. In reality this is the most important time of all. You need to establish the “herd order”. You need to let the new horse know you are in charge and that the horse is not the leader – you are!

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Building a Bond with an OTTB

Molly and Antioch after just four months have built a bond and trust between them that could never be matched if she had purchased a ‘made’ horse. Starting a young horse or an off-the-track Thoroughbred takes time and dedication. Most teenage girls just want to be showing and winning ribbons not spending time training a horse. Molly is different, she is enjoying the training process and is taking the time to do all the little steps that will allow her to bond with Anitoch and they will become partners. Watch this video of Molly and Antioch and see how doing ground work and spending time has paid off with a special bond. Great work Molly.

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Retraining Thoroughbreds Takes Time and Patience

I never thought I would love a Thoroughbred this much — having always ridden Quarter Horses. Now, I have a much more open mind and he has certainly changed the my perception of what the breed is truly about. I think you need a lot of patience with them, yes they are sensitive, but WOW when you channel it all into the job or work they do, it’s incredible how loyal and smart they are.

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